M.Sc.(SCM) Curriculum

(with effect from January 2018 Intake)

All candidates (full-time or part-time) are required to complete 40 modular credits (MC) over 8 coursework modules (3 core and 5 elective) plus a research project module (LI5001). The following is the list of core and elective modules that constitute the prescribed curriculum for the M.Sc. (SCM) degree. All modules carry 4 MC each unless stated otherwise.

  1. LI5101 Supply Chain Management Thinking and Practice

  2. DSC5211A Supply Chain Coordination and Risk Management

  3. IE5105 Modelling for Supply Chain Systems

  4. LI5001 Research Project (8MC)
Set 1 - Industrial Systems Engineering & Management Modules (Choose at least 1)
  1. IE5001 Operations Planning and Control I #
  2. IE5004 Engineering Probability and Simulation
  3. IE5107 Material Flow Systems
  4. IE5108 Facility Layout and Location*
  5. IE5205 Healthcare System and Analytics
  6. IE5504 Systems Modelling and Advanced Simulation
Set 2 - Analytics & Operations Modules (Choose at least 1)
  1. DSC5211B Analytical Tools for Consulting
  2. DSC5211C Quantitative Risk Management*
  3. DSC4215 Supply Chain Visualization & Actionable Intelligence
  4. BDC5101 Deterministic Operations Research Models #
Set 3 - TLI-Asia Pacific Modules
  1. LI5201 Special Topics in Logistics
  2. LI5202 Supply Chain Management Strategies and Case Studies

Subject to the approval of the M.Sc. (SCM) Programme Manager, students may be allowed to take up to 8 MC outside the prescribed curriculum, in lieu of the required modules to complete the M.Sc. (SCM) degree. Under this rule, students may take the following modules offered by TLI-Asia Pacific to meet the requirements of the M.Sc. (SCM) degree:

LI5203 Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
LI5204 Supply Chain Simulation and Optimization

Graduating students may register for the Research Project module (LI5001) only after they have completed 16 modular credits of coursework in this programme. Please read the instructions for registration of LI5001 here.

Students are advised to take note of pre-requisite and preclusion requirements in their consideration of enrolling for elective modules.

Pre-requisite :

  • * IE5108 has a pre-requisite of IE5001
  • * DSC5211C has a pre-requisite of DSC5211B
  • # IE5001 and BDC5101 are mutually precluded.
Workload Per Semester

For Full-Time students: 12 MC to 20 MC
The normal load for full-time student is 16 MC. Overload of up to 20 MC is allowed only upon approval by the Programme Director. Full-time students who wish to read less than 16 MC should seek academic advice from the Programme Director.

For Part-Time students: 4 MC to 12 MC
The normal load for part-time student is 8 MC. Overload of up to 12 MC is allowed only upon approval by the Programme Director. Part-Time students who wish to read more than 12 MC must convert to Full-Time status.

Module Description