Project Title
The Synchronized Last Mile

Research objective
To provide knowledge and tools to develop good resource scheduling under multiple objectives and complex constraints.
To provide knowledge and tools to design service contracts to increase cooperation among vendors and service providers and analyze performance.
To further the understanding of issues in urban congestion through causal loops.

Main Goals
In this project, we research the opportunities for enhancing coordination require to synchronize last mile logistics at the resource, service and system level. With the use of multi-objective multi-criteria optimization, contract performance analysis, and system dynamics modeling, we will develop novel optimization methods, develop guidelines for service contracting and contribute to a broader understanding of the last mile freight delivery system, in order to improve logistics efficiency, reduce congestion, and increase mobility, thus serving the needs of various stakeholders in urban logistics.

Our particular goals are:

  1. To help Logistics Service Providers have better planning mechanisms to improve efficiency in the last mile
  2. To enable suppliers, end customers and Logistics Service Providers to have better visibility of the delivery performance of the contract
  3. To help Logistics Service Providers have a better understanding of how a robust strategy can improve delivery process efficiency while reducing cost