Research Overview

The Global Supply Chain Research Program launched by TLI - Asia Pacific is supported by a team of academic staff and research members from the faculties of Science, Engineering and the Schools of Computing and Business of National University of Singapore, and faculty from the Institute's partner - Georgia Institute of Technology.

This comprehensive research program has a special orientation on Asia-Pacific linkages as well as a definite emphasis on the use of information and other emerging technologies. The research program will focus on the field of logistics and supply chain in general, and in particular on the following areas:

  • Air Cargo & Air Transport (includes design-and-layout of airport)
  • Sea Transportation Issues - Sea Cargo
  • Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization
  • Revenue Management for Logistics
  • IT infrastructure and Decision Support Systems for Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Performance measures and measurements for Logistics
  • Transportation for Logistics
  • Security for Logistics
  • Quality in Logistics
  • E-Commerce
  • Chemical Logistics
The overall purpose of this research program is to develop a comprehensive knowledge base of the present state of the art in these areas and particularly the Asia-Pacific links in the global supply chain. Our priority now is to determine the logistics needs of companies in the Asia-Pacific region and also of multi-nationals and to develop a follow-up research program that addresses those needs.

Throughout this process, faculty members and students from both the National University of Singapore and Georgia Institute of Technology will work closely with the industry to develop knowledge and credibility in the areas of Asia-Pacific logistics and supply chain.