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ACE E-Commerce game

ACE E-Commerce is an interactive digital game that provides experiential experience to the players in e-Commerce logistics.

Players may choose to play either in a networked or single player setup, as an E-Commerce Retailer, Merchant or Logistics Service Provider. Players interact with each other, offering goods and logistics services to fulfill the demand of their customers. They may have to compete with other same-role players to secure the business of their potential customers.

Their customers' satisfaction will determine the success of their business at the end of the game.

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logistics rush

An UrbanLog Game

Logistics Rush is an urban logistics game. Players may choose to play on the role of a Logistics Service Provider (LSP) Manager or as a Mall Manager.

As a Mall Manager, your role is to ensure that the correct goods are accepted and delivered to the correct shops in your malls, in time.
Discover the challenges of an in-mall distribution. Experience the intense deliveries by unlockng more unloading bays and shopping malls. Plan your deliveries to minimise your delivery time, increase or upgrade your delivery equipments.
Track how well you did at the end of the day. Analyse how you can improve your process. Rise through the rank from Trainee Manager to Master Manager.

As a LSP Manager, your role is to provide deliveries from the Distribution Center to shopping malls, ensuring the goods are delivered on time.

You will experience the challenges faced by LSP on last-mile deliveries. You will need to decide on

  • which vehicle to use,
  • which route to take - efficient or fastest,
  • how much are you willing to bid for shopping malls unloading bay time slots,
  • how many trips to make per day,
  • how many jobs to pick,
  • and many more.

Come and discover the many complexity and challenges in urban logistics settings. Earn Reputation Points and rise through the rank of 'Trainee' to 'Master Manager' in this fast paced game.

disaster relief

Disaster Relief game

Disaster Relief game was inspired by the case studies done by The Logistics Institute-Asia Pacific, NUS for its Humanitarian Platform Workshops, conducted around the region.

In this game, players assume the role of a humanitarian relief planner in a fictitious disaster-prone city. They must effectively manage their available resources to provide uninterrupted supply chain of life saving items to the survivors. To achieve that, the players must prepare the best plan possible, to rescue and ensure the well-being of the survivors during disaster.

The game is played in two phases, the Planning Phase to simulate the Preparedness stage and the Execution Phase to simulate the Response stage of the Disaster Management Cycle.

The game allows players to be in a risk-free environment simulating real world disaster crisis scenario. By incorporating both theory and fun component, the game will be concurrently educational and entertaining, enhancing significantly the quality of the learning experience.

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ThinkLog is a special board game designed as an expandable interactive learning framework for logistics and supply chain management. As a learning framework, the game is developed to cover different scenarios and challenges in logisticsfrom the basic concept in logistics/supply chain to disaster relief to urban logistics (last-mile delivery).

The board game play is complemented with a digital companion app.



Online Humanitarian Supply Chain Game

This online multi-players brower-based game simulates the disaster relief supply chain. Players are grouped into different supply chain networks and compete with each other to produce the best network. Each group are made up of Agency, Distribution Center and Supplier.

In this game, players can

  • learn about Humanitarian Logistics & Supply Chains;
  • be aware of Supply Chain isssues & problems;
  • understand the need to adapt, be flexible, ingenious & communicate with one another thoughout Logistics Supply Chains;
  • team building & have fun.

This game was adapted from Richard Tighe (Oxfam GB).