Project Title
The Master Facilitative Control Tower for Risk Management of Complex Supply Chains

Research objective
To develop Master Facilitative Control Tower capabilities for companies to manage their supply chains in the context of a network. To develop an infrastructure to enable dynamic exchange between Control Towers to better manage risks from disruptions.

Main Goals
In this project, we seek to capture and reflect the dynamic and complex nature of multiple supply chain networks (SCNs) through data collection, data analysis, network model building, simulation, scenario appreciation to eventually enable the prediction and control of SCNs in advance through the activity of a master facilitative control tower which oversees a group of enterprise driven control towers serving various stakeholders in the SCN.

Our particular goals are:

  1. Develop network analytics, modeling and simulation to enhance supply chain visibility.
  2. Design and develop risk tracking methodologies for risk identification, detection and classification through a facilitative master control tower.
  3. Develop suitable techniques for SCNs variability mitigation
  4. Build a supply chain visualizer
  5. Create smart autonomous control for dynamic SCN planning on HPC and/or Cloud infrastructure.